L.E.O. Survival Tactics

L.E.O. Survival Tactics

At Carlson Gracie Grand Rapids, we proudly support the men and women who ensure our safety by offering specialized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training tailored exclusively for law enforcement officers—at absolutely no cost. Our Law Enforcement Officer (L.E.O.) program is meticulously crafted for the unique challenges faced by officers daily, with the curriculum paralleling the renowned Gracie Survival Tactics program.

We are honored to announce that our skilled instructors are all Gracie Survival Tactics certified, ensuring that the techniques and strategies taught are deeply rooted in proven survival tactics. We recognize that the version of jiu-jitsu for law enforcement personnel operates under a different set of rules, designed with the officer’s safety and control in mind.

Our L.E.O. defensive tactics classes are dedicated to equipping officers with hands-on experience in a controlled and secure environment, focusing on techniques that could be vital in life-threatening encounters.

Leading the charge is our head instructor, Troy White, whose dual expertise as a seasoned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and an active sheriff’s deputy infuses our program with practical, real-world grappling knowledge for officer self-defense. His up-to-date insights into defensive tactics are an invaluable asset to the training we provide.

We are committed to offering continuous education opportunities to all active law enforcement personnel, helping you stay prepared and confident in the line of duty. Our personalized training options include one-on-one sessions and department-wide seminars designed to meet your specific agency needs.

Embrace this opportunity to enhance your defensive skills with expert, certified guidance. Drop in for a free trial class or contact us at 616-307-5295 to schedule your individual session or to organize an exclusive seminar for your law enforcement agency. Your safety and preparedness are our highest priority.