L.E.O. Survival Tactics

L.E.O. Survival Tactics

Carlson Gracie Grand Rapids’s L.E.O. program is designed specifically for law enforcement and the dangerous situations they put their lives in on a daily basis. 

Our program is based on and follows the great Gracie Survival Tactics program, and yes our coaches are all Gracie Survival Tactics certified! We believe jiu-jitsu is an important part of all law enforcement officers training, but it is a different jiu-jitsu with a whole different set of rules!

L.E.O. defensive tactics classes will be geared towards providing officers with a realistic and safe environment to practice potentially life saving tactics/techniques. 

With our certified head instructor Troy White serving as the defense tactics instructor and being an active black belt in his training for Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well as a sheriff deputy he provides realistic up to date style and knowledge of grappling for officers self defense. 

Our goal is to help provide easily accessible continuing education for any and all active law enforcement. 

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